Finally saying goodbye to Wyze

Since I am not having any connectivity issues with the wireless camera’s, I am wondering if your issue is loss of Internet? I am running these in a rural area over DSL. I also don’t have any rogue WIFI access points near me. If you are in a densely populated area in terms of access points, your cams could be connecting to an open wifi access point.

You’re suggesting the Wyze cam doesn’t require a secure login to any network… it’ll willy-nilly connect to any network on its own

Know something everyone else doesn’t know? : )

D’oh! I forgot about that!

So then you could hook them up to something like ContaCam and almost have a wired NVR?

I’ve hooked some awfully sketchy thrift store webcam finds up to ContaCam and they actually worked - a little short on video quality and features but they detected motion, saved video, and put the clips up on a web page hosted on the local PC.

The Google assistant issues are the #1 thing from me adding more Wyze cams to my setup. I’m sure not all the blame lies on Wyze, but that really doesn’t matter. I’ll likely be moving to Nest camera, even though they’re 4x the price.


The most noble way to leave is to do so …

Except HF doesn’t provide this kind of warranty. Unless you pay extra. Which I’ve never done.



As my final comment on this thread:

The Wyze Forum is a place to share honest feedback and discussions regarding Wyze products. I’ve seen so many Wyze fans rally against any feedback which may considered as being critical of Wyze and start dismissing it is “the user’s fault” or start blaming other products in the user’s home for the sometimes poor performance of Wyze gear. I most definitely do not have any issues with my network setup (I have a fibre connection), nor are my SD cards to blame (I use Samsung PRO Endurance) etc. etc. etc.

Immediately dismissing a critical or opposing opinion completely undermines the purpose of having community involvement and gaining honest feedback. Being dismissive and being unable to absorb feedback or even consider different views is detrimental to the forum experience and not constructive at all.

Now, I am really happy to hear that some Wyze users have had a flawless experience, that’s quite honestly awesome! However, that does not mean that this is the case for all users. We should instead focus on figuring out why a user has had a poor experience and see what can be done to refine the product and fix the issues so that everyone can have an flawless experience (obviously a lofty goal).

As to the source of my opinion:

I studied Mechatronic Engineering and proceeded to do a double major in Marketing and Innovation Management after that. I am currently busy with my post graduate studies in Advanced Strategic Management and Management of Innovation and Breakthrough Ideas. So I’d like to believe I have enough technical knowledge to manage and diagnose issues in my smart home and Wyze gear, and enough marketing and innovation knowledge to hopefully deliver some worthwhile feedback to Wyze… Btw: I actually presented a strategy lecture on Wyze not too long ago :sweat_smile:

I am by no means an expert, nor do I consider myself one. However, I’d love some members of the community to be a little more receptive and treat contributions with some more consideration. It’s feedback and a opportunity to learn, it is not an attack.


what alternatives are you looking at?

Hear hear.


I’m looking at the TP-Link Kasa Cam KC125 and/or KC105. You can have a look at the details of the KC125 here, although the KC105 is actually closer to Wyze Cam in terms of price and spec. These cameras have not yet launched but should be available in a couple of months.

I do, however, have an enormous issue with TP-Link not offering 2FA. It’s a basic requirement that I’m reluctant to compromise on.

That may be true if WYZE was dismissing our feedback but the opinion of a stranger on the Internet doesn’t much matter. The same thing happens on all forums.

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Yes! These days SO important, and a Wyze feature that has always worked rock solid in my experience.

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I solved all the problems you are having by adding a couple wi-fi extenders. I was saturating the 2.4Ghz channels with too many devices. The cheap TP-Link N300 even has an ethernet uplink port so that it is possible to remove backhaul from Wi-Fi if need be.

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What are you using the Pi for? Have you found some way to view your video on a pi?

Very nicely written, Daniel. Great detail,

I still really like my Wyze Cams, but I’ve had similar problems as you:

  1. Connectivity: I’d like to see it connect faster too.
  2. Hardware Failure: I’ve had two WyzeCams start to have purple hazing on the right side of the image. Disappointing for hardware used indoors for less than 2 years.
  3. SD card playback: The Interface is HORRIBLE! I cannot playback at 2x or faster speed, scrolling back and forth is painful, and generally it is a nightmare to try to find the actual portion of the recorded video I want. This REALLY needs improvement.
  4. Video Quality: While it may be 1080p, the image sensor and/or lens are not great if you have a large or long room.

I’m going to keep using my WyzeCams, though I do wish they could really focus on making their software and connectivity better and make the WebCams unquestionably great.

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I have motioneye connected to the camera via RTSP and can view the stream on the home assistant app on my phone or browser on my computer

Does the camera still work with the wyze app?

You sure about that? They’re launching a security service soon, using those very cams as video verification… Sounds like they’re giving up that sheild to stand behind when people point out the reliability problems…

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No impact on the app or functionality
I haven’t tried to check the rtsp stream and the Wyze stream at the same time to see if there would be a problem but then again that’s not really a scenario I’d be in