Finally saying goodbye to Wyze

This issue may be easy to solve… SD cards are recognized in the industry as consumable items. I have dash cams in my vehicles, and they only last ~6-8 months in that environment.

There’s that word again…

The lease problematic CQ system I’ve ever own TILL today is a fateful back up to the Wyze cam system is the Uniden Video System old and obsolete with no HD is the only issue !
Too bad it’s not still manufactured today with HD !!!

Had a very old (one and only) by Motorola system that WAS a close second …

I have had the same High Endurance SD cards in my two dash cams for several years. Never a problem. I do format them every few months. I also have high endurance cards in my Wyze cams and format them occasionally. Also, I don’t have permanent recording on, only events. So they don’t actually get used that much. SD cards are not the problem here.


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Personally, I feel like all connection issues could be easily fixed by hardwiring the camera instead of awful 2.4 ghz.

WyzeCam Ethernet Data Support

NEVER gonna happen

Dash cams, like WYZE cams, need high endurance SD cards. Regular SD cards are not meant for constant access; they are meant for intermittent use. I learned this trying to return an SD card from my dash cam. Every WYZE cam I have uses SanDisk high endurance cards.

Agreed! But apparently there are hardware limitations - my impression is that the USB ports in current models are set up only for power. Not that people haven’t tried to make it work…

Not really. There is a firmware available that sets the camera up as a web cam transferring data over the USB B port .

I don’t hate Wyze cameras yet but I’m pretty new with them. I can’t imagine being with a company from the start while investing time and money and almost feeling like things are not getting fixed. For one, I have noticed more glitches lately with every other update and Ive also notice how they’ve ventured to other things without making something perfect. But I’m hoping for the best outcome. It’s not an easy task for neither side and I appreciate as a user leaving your reasons to see I’m not alone in certain frustrations. Good luck in your search.

Since I am not having any connectivity issues with the wireless camera’s, I am wondering if your issue is loss of Internet? I am running these in a rural area over DSL. I also don’t have any rogue WIFI access points near me. If you are in a densely populated area in terms of access points, your cams could be connecting to an open wifi access point.

You’re suggesting the Wyze cam doesn’t require a secure login to any network… it’ll willy-nilly connect to any network on its own

Know something everyone else doesn’t know? : )

D’oh! I forgot about that!

So then you could hook them up to something like ContaCam and almost have a wired NVR?

I’ve hooked some awfully sketchy thrift store webcam finds up to ContaCam and they actually worked - a little short on video quality and features but they detected motion, saved video, and put the clips up on a web page hosted on the local PC.

The Google assistant issues are the #1 thing from me adding more Wyze cams to my setup. I’m sure not all the blame lies on Wyze, but that really doesn’t matter. I’ll likely be moving to Nest camera, even though they’re 4x the price.


The most noble way to leave is to do so …

Except HF doesn’t provide this kind of warranty. Unless you pay extra. Which I’ve never done.