File system on sd card in wyze pan cam

This should be simple to do but for some reason it isnt. I have an sd card in my camera so it continuously records today I found out someone came in to our area and took all our mail. I figured no prob I’ll pull the sd card find the video and give to the police… The file system makes no sense. I went to today’s date clicked on the folder for 11:43 am and the video that shows is in military time and saying its 3:59 in the morning which is not 11:43 am! How the hell do I find the video? The wyze file system makes no sense on the sd card… I found it but it should have been more intuitive

Actually it makes perfect sense if you are in the central time zone. The directory time stamps apparently are in UTC and central is UTC -5:00 during daylight saving time. And the clips are 1 minute long.