V2 cam showing timestamps in GMT

I received my V2 yesterday, and synced it to my cell phone EST (daylight savings). However the time on all files saved to the SD card, show as 4 hours ahead of local time - which corresponds to GMT (UST). Is there any way of adjusting the time zone in the camera?


Did you specifically do a time sync to the camera? From the live stream, tap the gear icon top right, then Advanced Settings and then Sync Time at the bottom.

Many times… I have been taking the SD card in and out, however, because I am tracking rodents (squirrels) to find out how they are getting into my garage :wink: Do you have to resync again every time you take the card out?

I was not sure how timestamps were saved in the FAT32 file system, so I did a google search.

how are timestamps stored in FAT file system

This is probably as close to a “canonical source” as you can get. And it also says FAT timestamps are “local time”.

File Times - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn “File Times”

So if the timestamps that the Wyze is using are UTC, then it will be confusing. UTC does have benefits, especially when time zone can’t be stored, or you want to be able to correlate times between multiple sources. But most people will expect the timestamps to be the same as is displayed on their clocks.

Other links if you are interested:

Filesystem Timestamps: What Makes Them Tick?

Windows and Unix/Linux handle the effect of DST (daylight saving time) on time stamps differently


Why do file timestamps compare differently every time change?

A Forensic Comparison of NTFS and FAT32 File Systems


I wouldn’t think you’d need to sync time for each card insertion/removal. I want to clarify something… there are three separate places that could indicate time:

  1. The timestamp embedded on the video
  2. The filenames of the video files on the card (these are organized by time)
  3. The creation or modification time of each file itself when viewed via the computer's file info command
Which of these is not correct local time?