Feeling Used and Abused by WYZE

A couple years back a friend of mine introduced me to the WYZE.

I now have 4 WYSE V2 Cams in service and I feel like a second class WYZE citizen.
I helped WYZE succed by purchasing and advocating WYZE and really looked forward to using them.

But since WYZE has offered pay service it seems like my camera performance has degraded.
Motion alerts have become very very slow. the phone (iPhone and Android) apps seem to force me to want to be a paid member,
Heck, I was even asked to participate in a survey for AI images - but guess what? I had to be a paid member to submit.
Basically if you do not have the paid service you have become a non-entity. :pensive:

I just feel let down and used…

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Sorry to hear it. You should have gotten in on the free / name your price person detection offer for old users.

As to performance I don’t think you’re being singled out but firmware and app upgrades (or WiFi upgrades) might help.