Feeding Time

Mama Robin feeding babies.

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Loved seeing the mama & babies.

Awesome, thanks for sharing. Too bad there’s no way (that I know of) to remove the green boxes once they’re embedded. Not to hijack the thread here, but … do the green boxes only appear now if you have the Motion Detection Zone set to Full Screen? If not, what specific setting causes them to appear at all? On the cameras on which I have Alerts enabled (2 of 4), I’ve switched over to setting specific rectangular zones to monitor.

EDIT: I’ve learned a great deal more about “Motion Tagging” since writing that, incl. when the green boxes appear, how to toggle them on/off, etc. Ref. the thread below if interested. Thanks again for the video!


Just curious who got to that spot first the camera or the nest?


Interesting. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Can we share this video in the Discover section of the app and credit your username?

Sure thing, love my Wyze Cams and I tell everyone about them.

Mark, I actually put together a longer video that shows the progress from hatching to leaving the nest. Due to it’s length I had to host it on YouTube…


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