[Feature Request] User Invite

So of the many different kinds of security devices from cameras, doorbell cameras and etc(the list can go on for ever), I have seen many mobile apps have a feature that allows you to invite another user to view your security cameras. Is there a way that Wyzecam can incorporate that feature into these cameras at all?

It would make it easier for when say a home owner or home owner and family or those with families go on vacation or on business trip or whatever anyone’s situation is needs someone to take over and watch their home, in my case if not home I would have my parents come over, but if they could watch through camera and see that all is well, it would save a trip and gas to my home.


This already exists. See this:



Thank you or the information RickO, I might not have researched it enough to notice that, sorry, but thank you on the response for this. :slight_smile: