2 locations, various users

I have become addicted to the Wyze world. I have a bunch of them now which are replacing my old unreliable wired security cameras. I have the app and can see everything as designed. Now I want to add a camera to the front door of my local volunteer FD. BUT… everyone at the station needs to be able to see that/those cameras. (Front door, parking lot, etc)

How do I maintain MY home stuff AND be able to see the stations cameras AND share those station cameras with ALL those at the station, while not letting them see my home cameras?

You can share just one cam if you want just go into account, then device sharing, then select cam and share it to whoever you wish to share it to, they will also need to make their own Wyze account

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Can you share “Multiple” cams the same way? Say I have 3 at the station that they all want to see.

You will have to go into each cam individually and share it but you can do as many or as few as you like

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Thank you… Jason

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No problem at all


As long as you share only the ones at the station, they will not be able to view your home cams.

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