Feature request: Saved alerts/recorded clips to private/local cloud

Can alerts and recorded clips be saved to personal cloud/local cloud? I want the option to save them to a local NAS or to my personal google drive. FAQ (https://www.wyzecam.com/support-v2/) has separate questions about storing “alerts” [1] and “recorded clips” [2] so I assume they are treating separately. I wish to choose where to save them.

The other scenario I’m thinking is if company goes away (I really hope not!), what will happen to the AWS storage? Is there a way that I can clean it or save clips and alerts somewhere else?

Thank you, and here’s really hoping for this feature!!!


[1] https://www.wyzecam.com/support-v2/#1509996641189-acd5675e-b4a9

[2] https://www.wyzecam.com/support-v2/#1509997801414-4e23daf7-2cf4

Currently, you can save any clip from the camera, or from AWS, to your device. From your device you can save it where you like. There isn’t a camera to NAS option.