WYSE cam to alternate Cloud Platform

I have deployed two WYSE cams and LOVE them. They are extremely functional and have most features I require minus tow things:

  1. Waterproof enclosures. Not too big of a deal, these can be fabricated, also I know this is a big request that WYZE is probably looking into.
  2. Cloud Functionality in the FAQ there is the following: Can alert videos be stored on a private cloud or NAS device? No, the Wyze Cam cannot be configured to save alert videos to a private cloud or NAS device.
This is a something I think would be very important. Is this available in any type of beta? I ask because I am working on a blockchain project involving IPFS file storage and decentralized sharing. I would love to consider WYSE cam in the project.


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I too have a requirement for video storage of events where no internet access is available. This is a private LAN for security reasons. If Wyze is not offering this, who does?