Where to access the AWS Cloud

Received my cameras, hooked them up, but have no idea how to access the cloud. Please help.

After making sure motion or sound alerts are enabled in the camera’s settings, you will find the cloud alert clips in the Notifications tab of the app.


…I have the micro SD card installed. I can see Notifications no problem. Am I seeing output from the SD card, or the cloud? Is there a way to choose from which source? Thanks for your answer!

The clips recorded to the cloud and the video recorded to the mSD card are totally independent of one another.

Alert (cloud) clips are set up under “Alert Settings” in the Camera Settings and are viewed by tapping the Notifications tab at the bottom of the main app screen.

mSD card recordings are set up under “Advanced Settings” in the Camera Settings are are viewed by tapping the “View Playback” button from a camera’s live view. In the playback view, you can record or take a photo from the playback stream using the appropriate buttons. You can also view the recordings from the mSD card by removing the card and viewing on a computer.

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Thank you RickO - succinct & clear -

Thank you for explaining where to find the clips. Very much appreciated.

Ok, had the same question. So the notification clips are the cloud and playback is on the SD card.

Is there a limit to the size of the SD card supported?

The maximum officially supported card size is 32GB although folks have reported success with 64GB and even 128GB cards. They must be formatted as FAT, not exFAT. 32GB seems to be the sweet spot in terms of recording time vs cost ($10-12 for a 32GB Class 10 card).

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Greetings and thanks to RickO, I read that “you will find the cloud alert clips in the Notifications tab of the app” and am confused. Do you mean the only way to view recordings is on the phone I installed the camera with? What if my house and phone burns down? Hopefully I survive and I’d like to get the data that my camera recorded, perhaps catching the arsonist in the act. Where is that cloud alert clip?

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The are in the cloud stored for 14 days. You can retrieve them on any phone or tablet that is logged into your Wyze account with your username and password. That is, as long as the source camera has not been reassigned to a different account.

My first camera uploaded alerts as expected and they appeared in “Notifications” on my telephone. After a few days, I installed a second camera, and it is working well in another area. When I look back, the first camera stopped uploading alerts after the first day. I looked at the help and tried turning alerts on and off, and restarting the first camera. It is still not uploading any alerts.

Thanks to the recent software update, both my cameras are working great!
I used to have difficulty seeing the live feed with the network timed out error; no more!
Also, very few if any events were recording, now the are populating nicely.
Thanks Wyze guys!

Is there a way to have these copied to your own S3 bucket in AWS? I would like to be able to do further processing in AWS but I don’t see how to do that at present.

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Researching this now. Need to connect to my S3 AWS too

I still Can’t figure out how to see what’s in the cloud that’s been stored for 14 days somebody please walk me through it. Do I open up my settings on my phone and change my phone settings? Am I opening up the app the wyse app As I don’t see anything under notifications except for play buttons to turn on for sound and what not.

Welcome @kberlie. If you’re looking for the 14 days of cloud-based event videos, go to the Wyze app home page, click the Events icon at the bottom, then select the desired date at the top or swipe the date bar to view the previous week and select an older date. If you see a message “There are no events” for the date you selected, your cam did not record an event for that date.


So if the recordings have been deleted on the Wyze app page under the events tab, can they still be accessed on the cloud? If yes, how? I’ve scrolled back to the date needed in the app and there’s nothing there. Can the cloud be accessed via the web?

Deleting the video from the events tab in the app will delete the video from the cloud.

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