feature request: only record motion to disk/delete non motion first

I’m pretty impressed with my WYZE v2. You guys really nailed it. I’m planning on getting 5 more for my building.


Currently I am recording all video to disk. As I understand it the oldest video will be deleted first.

Could there be an option to not delete portion of videos with motion?

or a seperate folder with copies of video w/ motion?

Thanks. I’m really excited for the future of WYZE. It’s my go to now. Not just because of the quality and the price, but because you seem to have a commitment to support and development.

Following your train of thought… as more and more non-motion video is deleted, eventually there will only remain motion video. At this point, the oldest motion-video would be deleted.

This process is already implemented in Wyze Cam. Just set the SD card recording mode to “Event Only” and you will have essentially what you describe. Each one minute segment that contains motion is saved and all other segments discarded.



my sdcard hasn’t arrived yet. I didn’t realize WYZE were so on the ball already.


thanks for the heads up.