False person floodlight pro

My new floodlight cam pro has two issues. It thinks a moving tree shadow is a person. Second the ambient light attracts bats and they fly directly at it then I get person detected messages.

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What is your sensitivity setting?

  1. I want it to pickup people before they get too close.
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I registered a Customer Support ticket with Wyze recently because my Floodlight Pro was activating the Floodlight for the onboard AI Person Detection but not registering any Person Event tagged upload. I had my sensitivity up quite high for the same reason.

CS recommended a setting of 40. :man_shrugging:

I now have it set for 45 and it has calmed down. I haven’t noticed a degradation in real Person tags.

Thanks, I will give that a try.

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Doesn’t that kind of defeat the point of what you were trying to do?

Indeed. This is an ongoing ticket and bug report in that the onboard AI requires a sensitivity setting that diminishes the cams ability to detect… In theory.

It would seem that the cam’s motion detection capability and\or the AI detection capability are set on a different scale compared to the other cams. If this is true, and the cam is so much more sensitive than the other cams due to it’s FOV and resolution, them the sensitivity scale needs to be adjusted to use the entire 100 point range.

But, this still does not explain the activation of the spotlight on Person Detection only without a tagged AI Person Event.

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I just istalled my FLP to replave my original wyze FL. I’m using free ai detection with continuous SD recording.

I get alert for vehicle but its actually a person walking or a branch swinging in the wind. I try all different sensitivity settings but none seem to fix or trigger the notifications.

Also i have many different type of Wyze products and seem like different cameras model had different cool down time.

The pro had the cool 180 and 3 adjustable led. The orignal floodlight with the Wyze 3 cam seem to detect much better with AI.

I kinda want to combine both somehow to get the best fuctions.