False "No micro SD card installed in camera" V3

I don’t understand why this is happening. I have 5 V3s and 3 of them are saying I don’t have an SD card installed when it worked fine previously. I checked the driveway cam a few days ago when I got the same message. I popped the card out and put it back in and it worked fine. Also, during the time that it said “no card installed” it was still recording, because I could go back and review that footage after I got the card working again. These are NOT in easy-to-access places. Is this a known bug? I’m on iOS, but I also have the problem on Android via Bluestacks.

What kind of sd card do you have in the cameras? When you let the camera connect to the live view, then go into settings/advanced/local storage, what does it say for your sd card memory?

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They are Sandisk 32GB cards. When I toggle “Record to MicroSD card” It just tells me there is no card installed. All 8 of my V2s use the same card.

See, I checked the driveway cam an hour later and the card is being read again. I did nothing and did not touch the camera. Looking at the timestamp, you can see that I can rewind back to when the camera told me no card was installed. The cameras was still recording, but claimed there was no card.

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let start firstly,
have you had any of the cards out at all and looked at them in computer? I would be willing to bet if the ones you are having issue with were placed in a computer you would be prompted to scan and repair the card for errors.

I wonder if they aren’t starting to have error reads intermittently. when errors first start they write to a specific portion of the card. if that’s the point you are trying to look at you might get the error. but looking later at a different portion you very well might get a different result.

and the cards you are using are actually not recommended for this use, use in this case actually voids the SanDisk warranty on the card. SanDisk does actually make a high endurance card specially to combat this through ( I just purchased one to test it) and cover our type of use with the warranty.

notice at the top under the high endurance portion it states “for dash cams and security cameras”

I recently was running a SanDisk card in a V2 ( it was all I had on hand) and when reviewing the footage it looked more grainy than it should’ve. upon putting the card in a comp to review the footage i was prompted to scan for errors and fount that all the footage on that card was error laden and nearly un-viewable.

with applications such as ours you definitely want to use a high endurance card, they are made for the task and the warranties cover any issues should they arise.

should you want some ideas on cards ill post some links below.

SanDisk High endurance

this Transcend one is the cadillac of HE cards with a different write profile, this is reflected in the price.
Trancend High endurance card

and this Samsung card is the most widely and successfully used card in Wyse cams in my experience as a Maven.
Samsung pro endurance card

Believe that I have been on the hunt but I am yet to find any issues related to the use of high endurance cards in our cams. I think going high endurance will more than likely solve your issue.

hope that helps.


Interesting. I’ll have to try one of these HE cards. I specifically chose the Sandisk Ultra because it said “Shockproof, temperature-proof, waterproof, and X-ray-proof”.

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I just got my first Sandisk HE so I haven’t had a chance to try it YET. but I and many other can definitely vouge for the samsung :wink:

if you get one and beat me too it, make a little information feedback post of it on here.

I made that topic a couple years ago ( and earned the card nerd nickname) and have gotten quite a bit of feedback on cards from a few people. I dont think the SanDisk HE is mentioned yet.