Fake CO Alarm

We have a Cam Pan in the living room. When we are home it is sitting behind the TV. Yesterday there was a CO alarm showing in the App. There was one several weeks ago that I just deleted as I assumed it was just some noise from the TV. Today I listened to the recording and it was a clear man’s voice saying something like: “Ha, I thought i had fooled you here I am again.” followed by brief music. I forwarded this to Wyze but then deleted it, unfortunately as I wish I had kept it.

It appears someone is accessing my camera, either from the neighborhood, or via the internet. How could this happen and how can I prevent it? Router is password protected as is the Wyze account. Both passwords have now been changed. Wyze has Verification Code.

Corrected: CO not CO2, thanks K6CCC

Hi @BigFoot48 and welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

That is troubling. Next time it happens, not only save the recording and time but generate a Log File from the App. You’ll then need to open a Support Ticket and reference your new Log File.

I’ve had some strange noises on couple of my cams but usually its interference from a radio source on an adjacent frequency. e.g. Baby monitor, wireless home phone. The Log File with time of occurance will help differentiate the source.

So exactly why would you think this second recording was NOT “just some noise from the TV”?

Because if you asked me to predict what a random slice of TV watching would sound like, it would be awfully close to “a man’s voice saying ‘I thought i had fooled you here I am again’ followed by brief music”.

Don’t you think?

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Well, you do have a point. We can’t recall if the TV had been on prior to when the alert was registered, and since it is right next to the TV speakers the clarity would be very good. So, maybe this was just a coincidence of the cam being activated by a CO2 alarm sound on the TV followed by some dialog of a sinister nature.
We hope so! I’ll report back if it happens again.

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To be a little picky, it would be a CO (Carbon Monoxide - binds to your hemoglobin so well that it prevents oxygen from binding to your hemoglobin), not CO2 (Carbon Dioxide - part of every breath you exhale). CO alarms are required in most building codes these days. Wyze cameras can detect CO alarms (as well as smoke alarms).

And then there is the cam’s alarm detector, my cam interpreted a concrete saw noise as a CO alarm.

We had another event last night and it’s clear it was caused by music on the TV followed by brief people talking. I’ve turned off the CO detection on this camera but will turn it on when we are on trips. So, a false alarm in our brains, and thanks for the comments.

We have six Wyze cameras and they have provided excellent service for a remarkable low cost. Thanks Wyze!