CO Alarm showing on my wyze cam v2

When I checked our Wyze Cam v2 events, there was a red CO Alarm showing on it at a certain time. I don’t even know what this means, help?

It thinks it heard a carbon monoxide alarm go off at that time. Check your detectors (if you have them). It could have been caused by kitchen activity, or there could be a boiler issue, or it could have been a neighbor’s, or it could be a false alarm…


Yes, that means the camera herd the tonal frequencies of a Carbon Monoxide Alarm. You should be sure to check why before you sleep in that space.


It’s actually a cool feature. If the Wyze camera’s microphone hears the sound of a smoke alarm or Co alarm go off in your home, it records a video and sends you a notification. You can turn that setting on or off in the app camera settings under “Alarm Settings”.