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For future reference, in case anyone cares, here’s the repository (Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 4.44.41 PM.png - Google Drive) that we initially collaborated on (much after I had already gotten the vacuum code cracked). This repository was private until now, but clearly pre-dates all the work in his repository that was [also recently] made public.

Pretty coincidental that his “new” wyzeapy repository, is only commits after he decided to copy the code and call it his own (first commit is April 2).

So, coincidentally, after a year+ of the HA plugin, which only supported the basic devices that were accessible from their old-style API (switches and plugs), suddenly, just at the same time I’m working to crack the lock, thermostat, vacuum, etc, he “figures out” how it works.

I call [Mod Edit]. Hope that settles it for everyone.

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