Factory Reset Wyze Band

Haven’t worn my Wyze Band in a few years due to the strap skin irritation issue that many of us had. Wyze never addressed, which is typical. Anyway, I pull it out again because I started working out and needed a wrist heart rate monitor. After charging it up and setting it all back up again, doing the reset thing, I noticed that my uploaded background photos are still in it. Is there a way to factory reset it so they aren’t there? I’m assuming since Wyze no longer supports this product anymore, probably not but I’m hoping someone found a workaround.

There are 2 ways to factory reset it. I actually did this very recently within the past month or two. I did mine from the Band itself, but you can also do it through the Wyze app if you prefer.
Here are the steps to factory reset the Wyze Band:

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I’ve done that many times but it really isn’t a “factory reset”, because all the photos I downloaded to it for background pictures don’t get deleted. There must be a way to return the device to what it came with when new, which actually is a real factory reset.

Does it let you delete your band faces??

I have the watch 47 and I can delete watch faces , that includes the ones with photos.

There is no way to delete the backgrounds. Talk about stupid, Wyze allowed uploading of photos to the band but no way to delete them. Why let it do uploads without a delete option?!

Weird, I can delete watch faces on my watch 47

Yeah but that’s not the Wyze Band. Wyze seemed to abandon the Band early on shortly after many complained that the strap was causing skin irritation on a lot of customers. It happened to me and I am not allergic to silicone, so I suspect there is something else in the strap material. Either way, many of us didn’t want a larger fitness tracking wrist device and the Band was perfect. But you don’t add a feature to download photos into it with no way to delete them. This is typical Wyze lazy programming and a typical Chinese business model that ignores issues. I really don’t understand why they even released the Band and then drop it so quickly. A lot of people pre-ordered it so maybe it was just a way to make some quick cash for other projects, which again seems to be what they do.

Also, a reset should be just that as it’s not supposed to be a reboot. Resetting should be something that returns a device to the factory settings and it doesn’t do that with the Band, if it did then all the photos I added to it would be gone but they’re not.

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I still have and love my band and agree with you that it sure did appear to be a quick way to make money and abandon a decent product.
But I digress.
You can delete and then reinstall the band via the app.
This will delete the prior uploaded photos that you had and provide the preinstalled factory choices.
I have had to delete (remove device) and reinstall multiple times and had to start all from the basic setup.
Hope this helps
(I have however noticed in the last few days the band is no longer holding the connection to receive alerts notifications and connections with Alex on a consistent basis but since the band is basically considered dead by its maker it is probably time to look for a similar type product).
Best of luck and hope this helped

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the band numerous times and the photos I downloaded into it are still there, unless I did something incorrectly. Please explain how you did it exactly.

Good evening.
All I did was go into the Wyze app. Went into my band portion of the app hit the … on top of sceen. In the more screen on the bottom hit the remove device.
I then had to install as if it was a new band and pair with bluetooth and the band came up as if it was brand new and all info needed to be entered.
I have an Android phone.
Hope this works for you.

That’s what I did too, yet all the photo’s I have downloaded into my Band where still there. I’m using an iPhone, so maybe once again Wyze screwed things up for iOS users, which seems to be the norm.

I understand how frustrating Wyze can be.
I love my band but it is starting to disconnect from my phone multiple times through out day now as well.
It is ashamed they did not seriously pursue this item and abandoned it so quickly but yet made remote controlled toy cars.
Hopefully someone else can further assist you.
Sorry I could not.
Best of luck

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I know right? A remote controlled toy car…that only works with the V2 camera. I wish Wyze would stop pumping out new products so often, seems like once you buy something from them then the next month they come out with the next version. It makes for software and hardware issues and unknowledgeable customer support. Maybe they should actually listen to their customers and focus on products they like, instead of dumping them so they can push more expensive products with features we don’t want.