Facial Detection Feature

I keep getting the same error messages in the Events tab that no faces have been seen for the last 14 days. i thought this was strange, as there were probably 30+ different people to come to my front door in the last 14 days. i got the idea to sit infront of my doorbell with very good lighting and let it capture enough images of my face at almost every angle to make a solid deep fake and it couldn’t build a profile at all. Is anyone getting any success with their doorbell recognizing faces at all?

Are you signed up to test? This info I found is from June.

I see you are living life dangerously as a 1%er… Niceeee :metal:


I only get facial notifications on my V2 Cameras. The V3 and VDB don’t seem to fully work or work at all yet. @Omgitstony provided a great link for your review.