Wyze AI Newsletter - June 2021

Hello all,

Good day! Shawn from Wyze again. Welcome back to the Wyze AI monthly update! We asked for feedback last month and got a lot from you! We will now include a short summary section at the beginning of these newsletters (thanks for the suggestion, @wazooo12!). If you have any feedback, please shoot it to aifeedback@wyze.com.

In this month’s edition:

  • :confetti_ball: Wyze AI Pet Detection will launch in the Wyze app 2.21 update in June
  • :trumpet: Volunteers are needed for new AI system testing, Face Recognition testing, and Sound Detection testing

Wyze AI Model Updates

We’re pleased to announce that Pet Detection will be officially launched for Wyze Cam in the 2.21 app update in June! Now your Wyze Cam can not only recognize family members with 2 feet but also our 4-footed family members! Are you using your Wyze Cam to keep an eye on their activities? Want to be notified when the cam sees them? Turn on “Pet Detection” in the Cam Plus services page to give it a shot!

In addition to Pet Detection publicly releasing, after a couple of months of iteration, the current Wyze computer vision models for Person, Vehicle, and Package Detection have reached the point where precision and recall strike a good balance. For those interested in the machine learning terminology, here is the explanations. At the same time, we are also aware that there are still some cases of false detection due to the nature of machine learning. To give you some hints about the challenge:

The AI team will keep designing new machine learning models and improving the performance with newly submitted video feedback. Shoutout to our lovely Wyze customers who have submitted thousands of videos to us for the research! You’re absolutely amazing and awesome!

New AI System Testing

One of the solutions to the above problem is a new patent pending AI detection system. It incorporates more visual information from hardware and firmware as well as using cascaded models to deal with edge cases.

As we are developing and testing the new system, we would like to have more people to help us test the results and the stability of the system. Please sign up for testing here if you have a spare Wyze Cam v3 for testing and want to lend a hand.

Face Recognition v2 Testing

Face Recognition v2 has been in testing for almost a month. Right now, the team is working on resolving some of the challenges like partial faces, faces in profile, blurred faces in low light conditions, fast moving clips, faces at a distance (it currently works better within 6 feet), etc. Also, Face Recognition is rolled out to Wyze Video Doorbell and we are training a specialized model for this product as well.

If you were not previously a tester and are interested in testing the feature now, you can sign up here.

Sound Detection Testing

Yes, you heard it right (see what we did there?). In addition to being able to see, we also want our Wyze Cam to be smarter when hearing things. So we are adding AI Sound Detection to our AI tech stack! And since Father’s Day is coming, the first applications come to parents of humans and fur babies! The first batch of sound detection includes babies crying and dogs barking.

Check out Mr. Wyze Great Dad being excited about this test:
Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 5.47.22 PM

Act fast! The sign-up sheet for sound detection is here.

By the way, we’re developing a simpler way for you to sign up for all the new AI testing… Shawn said he doesn’t wanna manage 20 Google Forms… :face_in_clouds:

AI Data Bounty Hunter

To help us with training the new models and building new AI features, we are looking for the example data listed below. If you can find a few videos matching these descriptions in your list and are willing to send them to us using the video feedback tool, it would be super helpful for accelerating the improvement speed!

  • Videos with babies inside the frame
  • Videos with audio of a dog barking
  • Videos with audio of a baby crying
  • Videos with packages inside the frame
  • Videos with animals inside the frame including but not only limited to dogs, cats, birds, and bears (we hope you don’t have a bear in your home but we have actually received videos of this before).

You can submit the video using the banner at the bottom of your Event video.

Before You go…

Happy Father’s Day, Wyze Dad! You are the best! :partying_face::clap:

And to those of you that may have a hard time around this holiday, we send you our love and support.

Catch you all in July!


Shawn from the Wyze AI team


@WyzeShawn I have signed up for facial recognition testing but it’s still not working, not sure what I’m missing. I did submit the MACs of all my v3s

Yeah, I don’t think Facial Recognition works on V3’s. I am also signed up for Facial Recognition, but it has never once ever worked on any of my V3’s, but it does work for V2’s. This question was also brought up in the latest AMA on Reddit:

I know several people in the Facial Recognition Beta who have confirmed that it only works on V2’s and not any V3’s. It is surprising that the team doesn’t seem to realize this is the case, and they asked us to send them logs.

I have yet to hear of ANYONE at all confirming that they have ever gotten facial recognition on anything besides a V2 or Pan Cam…so I am baffled that Wyze AI/Cam Plus team seems not to realize that V3’s aren’t working with Facial recognition for anyone. I guess we all just need to send them Logs somehow? Now sure who to tag? Maybe WyzeShawn?

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Huh, their reply makes no sense at all. “Yes it shouldn’t matter because all analysis is on our cloud server. Moving on.”