Facemasks no longer available?

I’ve purchased the cheaper 50-pack twice in the past. Came here looking to purchase again for my wife but cannot find them. No longer available for sale? p.s. had no idea what category and tag to choose here

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Correct, they are not currently in stock. In the website menu, they would have been found under the Lifestyle category and subcategory of “Wyze In Response” as they were a partnership with iHealth. Since Wyze moved from their previous shopping provider to a new one, the mask inventory is no longer currently available. I do not know if the masks (or the thermometers) will ever come back. Right now they only have the Covid-19 Test Kits left in their “Wyze In Response” section:

My guess is that they are only likely to bring the masks back if supply issues for masks become constrained again and Wyze feels they can help significantly alleviate that strain again as they did before.

I also bought basically all their Wyze In-Response products, especially when it was so hard to find those items anywhere at different points in time, so it was appreciated that I could get them here (for personal and business purposes). Anyway, I haven’t heard that they are never coming back again, but since they aren’t showing on the website at all anymore, I would recommend not expecting to see them again unless another national shortage happens (though I am not speaking for Wyze on that, it is just my personal assumption).


Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. :wink:


iHealth Labs still sells some at

Unfortunately they no longer seem to carry any KN-95s, which is pretty disappointing.


Thanks. I checked out that iHealth Labs link and they are Sold Out. I also discovered this Wyze in Response article from November 2020. I then found these iHealth Livocare disposable masks on Amazon and purchased them, even though they’re apparently not Medical Quality. Don’t know if they’re the same ones Wyze was selling or not. Note that the Wyze in Response article above doesn’t mention Medical Quality either. ¯\(ツ)/¯

Weird, huh, considering that the shortages were supposedly over. I’ve moved on to N95s (ouch) but no one else I know is willing to tolerate them.

Also, I suspect “medical quality” is the same as “natural” in food advertising. They mean exactly nothing.

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Last time I was in my local Costco, they were still selling surgical masks. I’ve been wearing Powecom KN95’s from https://bonafidemasks.com/ and I like them & have no complaints. I actually just today went back to double masking with a KN95 & a surgical (it might be overkill).

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Ref. my comment from above … " I then found these iHealth Livocare disposable masks on Amazon and purchased them …" Earlier today I received these iHealth Livocare masks from Amazon and they are IDENTICAL to the non-N95 masks that Wyze was selling last year, that I referenced in my OP. 50-count for $10 if anyone else is interested.

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