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Can you use Facebook portal to see wyze cam

Hi @hammerli22. No, you can’t use Portal to view Wyze cams. Here is a support article with the current Wyze third-party integrations.


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I am able to view my Wyze camera stream on my Portal as I have Alexa enabled on the Portal.


I have a portal mini with Alexa on it too but don’t seem to find a way to get it working… any tips on how to get it working or a procedure you followed to get it working for you ??
Any help is appreciated… thanks in advance…

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I have alexa enabled on my Portal but can’t access Wyze Outdoor cams. Is there any other way to watch Wyze Cams on Portal?

I put Alexa on the portal, and because wyze is an enabled skill on Alexa for me, I can toggle through to view my wyze camera. Hope this helps! Not as easy as I don’t think it’s voice activate-able, but I can get there.