Extending Wyze Door Bell Pro battery life with SD/HD

I have had my Wyze video door bell Pro installed for about 8 days and the battery is down to ~60% on HD mode.

Is there a way with rules or … to set the doorbell cam so that it will switch from SD mode to HD mode when there is activity in the detection zone or the doorbell pushed? I am hoping that SD mode will extend the battery life.
My understanding was that the battery should last 4-6 months between recharging?

I have had few detections on the cam in the 8 days and I do not have sound on.

Hi @tc10!

I have had a few discussions in this matter in the past, check out these threads to see if they offer you any assistance.

I can say that there are no rules for switching from HD to SD mode with the VDBP, but you will save some battery being on SD. I would also highly suggest using the power save mode as this offers some significant battery savings.