Exact date and time. cam-pan-v1, cam-v1-v2, cam-

Is there a shorcut to look for exact time and date instead of browsing through the hours? We have a pan cam, outdoor and V3.

cam-pan-v1, cam-v1-v2, cam-

Sorry, no.

App Events Tab Videos - you can select by date for the last 14 days, but you must scroll by chronological order to the time.

SD Playback - you can select by date for days the card holds (determined by card GB, recording mode, and video quality), but you must scroll thru the timeline to the time you are looking for.

This feature has been requested in the #wishlist for both the Events List and the SD Playback. Follow the link :point_down:, vote at the top, drop a :heart: on posts you like, and add your request as a reply at the bottom.

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