Events Tab Date Incorrect Until App Restart

App shows incorrect event date every morning until app is restarted. It shows the previous date and no current date or current date events.
App log 1063716 is a log file prior to the app restart. App log 1063747 is a log file after the app restart. This appears to have started after the latest WYZE app update for IOS. WYZE IOS App version is 2.42.1 (1). Once restarted, the events date is then correct and the current day events then show up. It’s very odd behavior. IOS version is iOS 16.5 (20F66). I tried to reach support this AM, but could not connect via a chat. I submitted a support ticket via email.

I want to confirm what you are seeing, because I did not see an issue. How much of a restart did it require? I ask because I did look at Wyze on both iOS and Android yesterday, did not close either one (did look at other stuff and both went to lock screen repeatedly), and when I went back to the Wyze app and selected the event tab, both showed today.
iPhone 13 with iOS 16.5 and app version 2.42.0 (23)
Moto Edge+ 5G UW (2022) with Android version 12 and app version 2.42.0 (292)
Tablet is out in the truck, so can’t look there…

Every morning the event tab does not show the current date, it shows the previous day in events. The curious item is that the rules show current day, but not the events tab. The restart I’m performing is closing the app out (in IOS, that’s swiping up on the app to close it) and then restarting it by starting it up again. I do not log out of the WYZE app, just close it and then restart /reopen it.
I’ll take screen shots tomorrow to show what I’m seeing every morning.
Not related to the above, but another behavior I’ve observed since the WYZE app update, is an extremely long load time for ‘Loading Live Stream from the App. It takes quite a while to reload from within the app, but if you close the app and reopen it, it fires right back up and loads the live streams quickly. Again this is within the IOS version of the latest WYZE update version 2.42.1 (1).

I’m having the same issue. I get the phone notifications, but when I got to the event page I see no new events and it only shows yesterdays date (and previous dates) at the top. The only way to “refresh” the app and get today’s date to show up is to restart the app. iOS version.

Update: 06/03/23….
Well, this AM the date is now correct! :confused: Not sure what changed, but it’s ok now.
The ‘Loading Live stream’ issue is still taking quite a long time as before. Maybe we’ll see that get better also.
I’ll wait to see what happens tomorrow AM on the event date issue before shouting
‘successfully resolved’
Update: 06/04/23….
Well, it returned its behavior this AM. I’ll wait to see if it continues day after day for a while. Hopefully they’ll figure it out.
Update: 06/05/23…
App is still having this issue this AM. Once you close and restart the App in IOS, the current day events and date then appears. Seems like an App problem for sure!

I’m having this issue too on my iPad, but not on my iPhone. I have to shut down my iPad completely to get the app to show the events of the day.

WYZE is working on it. Just force close the app and open again.

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I am experiencing the same date issue. I usually have been restarting the iphone XR to correct it, but something isn’t right and needs attention. Thanks

Having the date issue on my iPhone too. Must force close the app every mourning to see the new days events.

It the same as I and others are reporting, but not sure if it’s an WYZE App problem or an IOS issue, as they both updated to new versions around the same time. My IOS went up to version 16.5 around the same time this issue surfaced.

WYZE already said it was the app and it will be FIXED in the next app. It started long after iOS 16.5 was released. It started with the new 2.42.1 (1) app.

Thxs for the update on this. I appreciate it.

WYZE news says new app is being released today 2.42.5 and has a fix. I don’t know if it is in the app store yet I haven’t looked.

Looked, not in the app store just yet.

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2.42.5 (2) downloaded on my iPhone 13 from the App Store a few minutes ago.

Thanks! This update fixed the issue.

Mine is also fixed this AM. Quick turnaround on this issue also. Great Job WYZE !

Success for me too. The Wyze update fixed the date issue for me. Thanks Wyze.