Refresh Events Tab and Live Stream Settings

I am using the latest iOS. I do not know if it is a common issue. For the fact, I know I have new events for the current day. After going to the “Events” tab in WYZE app, it shows nothing. Those events appears in my “Events” tab after I switch to a different date and come back to the current day. How long will it take to have new events showing in the tab without switching dates?

Sometimes, there is no response from Live Stream “Settings” (particularly from my iPhone). I have to exit and re-open the app to make it work.

I suggest you force quit and restart the app one time if you haven’t done that.

In general, if you don’t see current events on the Events screen, you can use a pull down gesture to force a refresh without having to change dates. You will see a spinning icon briefly at the top while it refreshes.


Thank you and the Events tab is refreshed by following your suggestion. As for Settings, I do force quit and restart the app to make it work but the bug should be fixed. A good app’s UI should work smoothly and not keep restarting the app.