Events Page: Scene action vs. Motion

WYZE cam One is pointed through a window looking towards outdoors. Today’s captured events includes one titled “Scene action”. Nothing motion tagged unlike the other Events. Too sensitive resulting in “Scene action” detected? What is a “scene action” event outside of literally a video of the scene captured by the cam?

Hello @kimcheese2017, have you set up any shortcuts within the app or set up IFTTT?

Here goes a article going in to depth on what scene action event videos are

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Learn something new every day! :slight_smile:

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Shortcuts for each of the two cameras used. Cam and notification on, Cam and notification off, Cam On with notifications off. Universal Record.

As of today total of 7 shortcuts. Thinking max number of shortcuts. Any more it might become a bit cumbersome. Automatic option as is would not work. Retired. No set schedule.