Events not uploading to the Cloud

I pay CMC so I’m not having to scroll through hours on my SD card. At 7PM central today I as well as a few of my neighbors who also use Wyze cams noticed that events are not being uploaded to the cloud. Can someone tell me what’s going on please. Thank you.

Is this still happening or was it for a period of time. I also have CMC and checked mine and have videos after 7pm central time

I have not noticed this issue. Every once and a while I have an event that doesn’t upload but have never noticed a bunch of events at one time that don’t upload.

Sorry to hear about this issue.

I did some looking at the app and all and noticed that the app is randomly turning off even recording. I went in, turned it on for all the cams and then it would turn the recording off again. Not sure if that’s the problem my neighbors had or internet as they have different internet provider then me but after back and forth of enabling the event recording and then having to do it again I spent 4 hours getting it to work.