Event recordings using the V3

So everything was working fine until I got signed up for the Wyze Cam Plus now my events recordings are not working and the ones I had prior to that have vanished , Anyone know why ? Some setting I’ve missed ? I am new to this camera , got it about a week ago Thanks I am using the V3

Welcome to the forums! Let’s touch on the few of your comments…

Are you choosing previous day’s in the event tab? Only one day is shown as a time. Do you have any filters enabled now in the event tab?

Explain “not working” please. Not showing up at all? Or showing up but erroring out? Error code number if one is showing? More info the better.

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Might be best to use another phone to record a video of how it is not werkin’. There’s way too many variables to quickly understand the context of the issue.

Hello and thank you for responding , Like I said I am new to this camera , I did in fact figure it out …
I was aware of the calendar set up and yes I was choosing the days , So in the events above the calendar I had everything highlighted (Person, Package, Vehicle, Pet ) once I un-highlighted that and only had Motion highlighted everything was were it should be , thank you again for responding …

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