Event recordings not playing in iOS app

I have cam plus lite and the latest iOS app. I can see events being recorded, get the notifications, and can see the motion detection in the thumbnails as well. However, when I try to play back the clip, it just hangs with the spinning circle. This is for anything taken with my v2 camera.

I also have a v2 pan cam and I can see the thumbnails there too, but when I try to play back the clip, the UI looks different and only has a play button. When I try to click that, it says to try Cam Plus. This used to work with cam lite plus and had the 12s clip, so not sure why this is not working anymore.

Any ideas?

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Can you send screenshots of the 2 different event viewer pages your having issues with?

For the spinning circle, have you tried viewing it on a different phone or different network? Have you tried power cycling the camera?

The pan v2 supports cam plus lite, check if it’s assigned in the account > services tab.

I had the same problem for maybe 80% of my V2s’ events until I power-cycled my router. And upgrading to the latest firmware (1851) seemed to help as well, although that would introduce the detection zone reverting to rectangular box bug.

Others have tried re-adding the camera, factory reset, power-cycle the camera as well.

You can see more info on this thread:

Thanks. I’ve tried rebooting the cameras and the router multiple times. I tried connecting via my home wifi and cell. I tried using my phone and my wife’s phone as well. All of them have the same issue. The last thing is to wipe and reset the cameras, but was hoping that was a last resort. I assumed this had something to do with the app retrieving the clip from the cloud rather than anything to do with the camera itself. I guess it could be that it just snaps the picture with the motion detection and doesn’t save any more of the info to the cloud.

I checked both cameras are showing up under the camlite subscription in the app.

Also, if I try to play the event multiple times, It will show randomly the data it’s buffering/loading. Sometimes it says like 3kb, then if I try again it’ll show 214kb, etc.

Before resetting the camera you can try just adding it as a new device (without deleting it). This way it does reset its connections but retains settings data.

This really has to do with the videos not being uploaded properly in the first place, so no one will ever be able to load them, unfortunately.

Exact same issue off and on for like four months. No one at Wyze cares. Put in an SD card and view your events off the card. Either that or trash the V2 cams and replace with V3. Saw a post on this issue going all the way back to 2020. No one at Wyze cares.

Interesting. This is a problem with the v2s only? Not that this is going to help me. If I’m going to buy something different, I probably will move off of Wyze.

Well this magically started working after weeks of it not working. No idea what happened. I didn’t do anything different. Go figure…

I take that back. It stopped working again. Sad experience. Can’t rely on on this anymore.