Event Recording Not Working

I have the same issue with 2 cameras v2 just bought new. Tried all suggestions here. I guess I will have to wait for new firmware or return these. No notifications nor cloud videos get created. Tried with and without SD cards.
Finally decided to downgrade to firmware which shipped with the cam and notifications work now. is the firmware version that was loaded at time of activation and broke notifications.

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I just got two new cameras (v2s) and notifications and event recording are not working.

I have 3 other cameras from wyze and they work fine so this is very odd.

Only the new cameras fail to work.

Are they from amazon?

If you put the firmware on the SD card and force the cam to load it, it should fix the issue.

I used the older version then updated it through the app but some people have been using the current version and just reloading it.

This is a known issue, Not sure why nobody has posted the solution in this post yet.