Event Recording Not Working

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A few settings to check

Apologies, it will only let me post one picture per post, but looking at your pictures you just posted I have those exact settings enabled, but still no luck.

No problem. We will need to know a few things in order to troubleshoot your current setup.

1.What version of the Wyze app installed, Go to > App Home > Account > About
2.What device and OS are you using
3. Do you have a SD card installed, if so, turn off cam and remove it for now

  1. Wyze App is v2.5.36
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  3. Nope, I haven’t bought an SD card yet so there’s nothing in it at the moment.
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We know it isn’t the SD card then. Have you tried uninstalling/reinstall the Wyze app?

Unfortunately yes, I was so hoping that it would be something simple like that. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the app and I even did a factory reset on the cam itself twice but still no recorded events.

It sounds like you have covered most of the obvious, so I recommend contacting the Official Wyze Support Team and let them take care of this issue for you and get a support ticket started on this. Submit a New Request You can also give them the link to this thread.

Event Recording Not Working - #9 by StopICU33

I assume you installed the latest firmware ( at this time).

When you access the Events tab or try to refresh it, do you get any error message at the bottom?

Some things to try:

  • power cycle the cam and try again
  • if you are connected to your wifi, disconnect from it and try accessing the Events using your mobile network.

Having lots of issues myself with the Events not showing up lately.

I’ll definitely have to send them a ticket, thank you for your help. Also, @FWM yep I did get the latest firmware and sadly I’ve tried both of your suggested options as well with no luck. I’ll send them a ticket and see what they can find.

Thanks again everyone for the help!

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You’re welcome! Also, take a look if you haven’t already at the “Missing Event Recordings” link above. Sorry we didn’t find the problem. Wishing you success with Wyze support. :slightly_smiling_face:


How about any error message at the bottom of the screen when you try to refresh the events, do you see any?

In my case, I was getting the message “failed” at the bottom each time I was trying to either access or refresh the Events tab. The message appears and goes pretty fast.

Are you able to access the “Devices sharing” from the Account tab?

Trying to figure out if you are having the same problem that I was or if it’s a different problem.

Can you screen shot your events page?

And after dealing with Wyze support, please update this thread with a resolution if one is found, thanks!

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No error messages when accessing the events page, here’s a screenshot of what it looks like.

By any chance did you get your Cam V2s directly from Wyze and do their MAC addresses begin with 2C:AA:8E:39 ? (I just got 3 of them directly from Wyze this week all having the same first 4 strings in the MAC. I’m going to get around to creating a support ticket in the morning. It smells like a hardware or firmware issue but I’m just speculating at this point.) Does anyone know if these folks have phone support by the way? (Like a secret phone number you’re not supposed to share?) LOL

I think a portion of the MAC address identifies the manufacturer, so in theory some of the numbers would always be the same

Edit: The first 3 numbers are an identifier for the manufacturer of the device.

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I have the same problem I called customer support and was told I would have to wait for a firmware update. No telling how long that will take but she said if I do not see one in a months time to call back.

I have the same issue with 2 cameras v2 just bought new. Tried all suggestions here. I guess I will have to wait for new firmware or return these. No notifications nor cloud videos get created. Tried with and without SD cards.
Finally decided to downgrade to firmware which shipped with the cam and notifications work now. is the firmware version that was loaded at time of activation and broke notifications.

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I just got two new cameras (v2s) and notifications and event recording are not working.

I have 3 other cameras from wyze and they work fine so this is very odd.

Only the new cameras fail to work.

Are they from amazon?

If you put the firmware on the SD card and force the cam to load it, it should fix the issue.

I used the older version then updated it through the app but some people have been using the current version and just reloading it.

This is a known issue, Not sure why nobody has posted the solution in this post yet.