Event recording are not pulling up

My event recordings are no longer pulling up. What can I do to fix that?

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First verify that each cam is set to Record Motion in the Event Recording Settings :gear: of the cam.

In the Events Tab, click the “Funnel” icon in the top right to modify your Event Tab Filters. Click Clear all.

This should show every motion and AI (CamPlus) event recorded for the last 14 days.

Events are being recorded. When I attempt to play the recordings they don’t play. It’s like they are buffering but never start

Ah… Different issue.

What cam is recording these videos? What firmware version? What app version? On WiFi or on cellular data? Can you post a screenshot of the video when it does this.

I’ve been trying to send pics but my reply keeps getting rejected.

This is happening with all of my cameras.
They are all on WiFi. Firmware is
App version is

There is a 5MB size limit and a limit to 5 pics.

The firmware version indicates V2 cams and iOS app.

Unfortunately, I have neither and won’t be much help.

Have you tried a forum search for related posts?