Event Notifications from Outside Zone

I have been trying for ever how long Zone detection has been in existence. I have NEVER been able to get it to work properly. I have logged numerous tickets, uploaded logs, and still no resolution. I have a tree in the view of my camera watching my backyard and workshop. Anytime there is a breezy day I get notifications when the tree limbs move, even though they are outside the detection zone! Yesterday was particularly agrravating. I had 140 notifications of Motion due to these movements!

I am uploading a screen shot of my Zone as well as one of the notifications…

detection zone

Welcome to the forums! Can you enable motion tagging, let events happen and upload one of those events here for the group to see? What camera is that for? Are the shadows on the ground triggering the events?

The Outdoor camera uses PIR detection (e.g. body heat) and ignores shadows, which might make it a better choice for your application. However because the range of the PIR is shorter as compared to V2/V3 cameras, you might have mount above the door of the workshop to capture people who approach the door.

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Here is an event from a few minutes ago… along with a larger image of my zone definition…


What is the sensitivity slider set at? I would probably go for 30 percent if currently set at 50 percent. I would block out 1 additional square on the right side. If problems persisted I would probably put an outdoor camera above the door facing the Opposite direction basically.

I have a similarly shaped motion detection zone for a camera that faces major highway. Despite the fact that the highway is not part of the detection zone, every time a cop car goes by with its lights on it triggers the motion event. Shadows and unexpected light sources cause issues.

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Thanks. After viewing the event on my desktop it occurred to me that the limb might be moving into the adjacent zone so I already added another block or two. Will see what happens. I did have it set to 50 and have reduced it to 30.

Thanks, will let you know the outcome…

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Yes looks like the area by the trunk is triggering, as evident by the motion tag green box.

Thanks. I was just reading about the outdoor camera… it states:

" * Avoid waving branches : While the PIR sensor should help prevent most false-positives, it’s still possible for the camera to record passive movement (waving branches, clothesline, etc.) as movement."

If that is the case I would probably be no better off…


Looks like that was the solution…adding another row to ignore zone.

Thanks Much!