Event & Notification settings all changed. Thumbnail event images now anamated?

All 14 of my cam event and notification settings were all changed back to defaults in the last hour. Around May 6 4:30pm cst. App saying I don’t have Cam+ when I do. Then the App shows Cam+ is back. Previous static thumbnail images of event notifications appear to be an animated gifs now. Is Wyze doing updates today?

Not sure if anything changed today, but I understand that Wyze has been working on the AI process. They may have corrected the issue, server side. Glad it is working for you again.

We are messing around with things today. If you have a v4, you will have animated GIFs instead of static images for all notifications. We will be rolling this out to way more cams soon. Enjoy :heart:


Thanks for the update @WyzeMatt , this is very helpful and a welcome update


Matt @WyzeMatt
Will the user be able to choose thumbnail or animated notifications? The animated gif works good on the phone, but not on the watch. The static thumbnail works best on my watch which is where I view most notifications. The animated gif doesn’t show on the watch. Thanks!


Good question! We are working on making the animation work with Apple Watch.

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