Event list - make list collapsible (click hour to expand)

The Event history now nicely displays all video events by the day selected and the “breaks them by hour”. Unfortunately, those of us with numerous video events find themselves “scrolling” through thumbnails of “every” video in the log to get to a specific “hour”.

It would be a wonderful enhancement if there was a way (button) to collapse the thumbnails and list the “hours” only. Then, the user could more quickly find the desired “hour” and then expand that particular hour. This would seemingly speed up the search (when seeking a specific hour).

It would also enhance search if the date would be frozen on top so that the user does not have to scroll through potentially hundreds of videos to reach the top and pick a new date.

Event List Button to ‘shrink’ all hours

Can we get a button at the top of the event list to ‘shrink’ all the hours?
Right now you have to do them all one at a time. If you can couple that with only loading the unshrunk hours, searching through the list would be made much more manageable. Right now, even after an hour is shrunk, one can have to ‘load more events’ multiple times before reaching the next hour (to shrink it in turn).

Filtering by ‘people’ has proven useful to greatly slim down a day’s event list.
However, there are often multiple captures around any labelled ‘people’ event that are actually also related. Once one knows the time, it would be good to be able to remove the filter without getting swamped.

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