Event Report, Thumbnail Show, & Timeline Feature Enhancement Ideas

Thumbnail Slide Show: When dragging the slideshow timeline to a specific snapshot, one must click on the image to reveal the “Play” button which then launches the Timeline Video Player for that event.

There is no way to download or share the video from the Timeline Player. There is also no link within that Timeline video or the Thumbnail Slide to launch to that event in the Event List Video Player so that the Download or Share buttons that overlay on the video can be selected.

The only way to download or share that video is to note the cam and the timestamp and then go back to the Event List and manually navigate to that specific event, play it, and then use the download or share buttons there.

Please provide buttons within the Timeline Player and Snapshot Slide Show to Download and Share those Event Videos. Or provide a direct link bitton to the Event Player UI that launches that specific Event and plays it so that the buttons can be accessed there.

I’d like to be able to disable event report, slide show and timeline, for I dont find them useful. Also, when I delete a motion video I expect it to be truly deleted on wyze servers. I was surprised to see stuff out there from like a year or two back!

Why do you need to disable them? Just don’t use them. Unless it’s the little purple button that annoys you, I can understand that.

The event report only uses events from the last 2 days afaik, where are you seeing events from years ago?


I noticed the old stuff right after I signed up for CamPlus, but pretty sure they showed up in the event report / timeline thing, not in the event button on the home screen, where I would have not seen it, rarely keep anything there older than a few days, pretty diligent about keeping that cleaned up.

Hmmm, there may have been clips there also that I had saved to my device and then deleted.

Even if I forgot to delete, they shouldve been deleted automatically after 14 days.

I want it more plain as to what of my stuff is on wyze servers, I want complete control of it.

It would be nice if you could have an option to also include non AI events in the slideshow.

Last night a raccoon (I’m guessing) knocked down something in the far corner of my yard. The thing is in view of the camera, but it’s partially obstructed and it’s far away (on a 1080p v3). I completely understand that the camera failed to tag it as a pet, it would be hard to even a human to recognize it as one from that distance.

Anyway, I would like to be able to use the slideshow to tell roughly what time the item was knocked down, then I could watch the events one by one to narrow it down, and maybe even the SD card if it didn’t get caught by an event.

Right now I can’t do that, because there are few AI events last night, but plenty of sound events and motion events.


That’s one of the advantages of having SD card recording set to Events (versus continuous) to answer one of my common questions:

“When did that car park there?”

Scrub back until the car ain’t there. Then tab forward 'til it is. Then +30/-30 buttons as needed.

Running Cam Plus Lite (5-min cool down between cloud Events.)

For general consumption. I know you all know this. :slight_smile:

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Add RECORD to the Thumbnail Show

Would be nice have ability to RECORD the Thumbnail Show when watching the Timelapse

Love this feature, good option versus Timelapse on cams every time!!