I have Cam plus on all my cams, a couple of them create thumbnails that are retry cool to watch, some never do? is it possible to save these? the video so I can share them?

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Videos that are uploaded to the cloud and shown in the Events List can be downloaded or shared while viewing them.

If you tap on the video image while it is playing, or wait until the Event video has finished playing, three icons will appear in the upper right: Share (on the left), Download (center), and Full Screen (right).

I am trying to save or share a video from the event thumbnail (the little disc icon ) hoping i am calling that the right thing. it’s almost like a timelapse of events . It doesn’t give me any options if air tap in it or at the end.

You aren’t going to be able to save, download, or share anything from the Thumbnail or Timeline features within the Event Report UI. That doesn’t have that functionality.

Note the timestamp of the Thumbnail you see. Go back to the Events List and tap that Thumbnail to view and download the Video.

thank you! that answers my question ! I appreciate your help!

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You’re welcome.

I posted a topic to the Wishlist asking Wyze to add Download and Share functionality to the Slideshow and Timeline or add a direct link to launch the Event Player into that Event Video so that the links can be easily accessed. Feel free to follow the link, Vote for it, and add a post if you feel the need. Thx!

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