Event filter/search by date, time and range


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I don’t know why there aren’t more people voting for this! I have 6 cameras and it’s a pain in the rear end to have to scroll through 6 cameras daily events to get back to the ones from the night before! Please add this to the capabilities of the app, it can’t be that hard to add



They are not discussing this topic because the moderators are grouping our comments with the first post, probably posted when Wyze had limited users. See all the same suggestions In this thread? That’s all the people that had the same idea and cared enough to go out of their way to make a post.

If there has already been a thread about a topic and someone makes a similar suggestion, mods revise what would have been a new thread - to go inside the first thread (to die).

Since topics are chosen by popularity, basically only the new and highly seen topics get “elected”. It’s a sucky selective version of democracy because it would require some diligent posters to review least liked threads.

Ha, I guess we should make a new thread suggestion about revising their forum review process!

I can agree with this too. The gouping of similar topics is stupid. It hides the importance and the amount of people who are requesting the feature. Its a basic function and after years of requesting… still nothing. But they find a way to add more bull crap to the app

Im not buying anymore wyze products until they add the time search feature.

That isn’t how the #wishlist works.

#wishlist topics are regularly reviewed by Wyze. The number of votes is one of the most important factors. This topic has 51 votes, including mine. Some have thousands of votes. The #wishlist category is sorted by the number of votes by default, however it can also be sorted by other metrics.

Also, the practice of merging new threads or off topic posts into existing #wishlist threads or other Forum threads that match the discussion topic is purely organizational so that users get more visibility from their posts, not less. It keeps from having hundreds of related discussions going on at the same time with no visibility of the information posted in the other threads. If a search is done for a topic, it vastly improves the probability that the results will be accurate and that the thread returned will contain the information or solution that a user is seeking so they don’t have to navigate to a hundred different threads to find what they need. IMO, the forum needs more moderation for this. There are far too many users posting new topics who don’t bother to search for one that addresses their concern.

#wishlist topics don’t “die”. All that is needed for a #wishlist topic to stay “alive” is for someone to post in it like we just did. It is then immediately placed on the top of the Latest list which shows the most recent posts listed in chronological order with the most recent on the top. So long as there are new posts, it stays on the top. Recent threads get the most visibility clicks. If you want the thread to be back on top, it has to be “bumped” back up there by a new post or an edit to an existing post.

It would be quickly merged to this thread:


Everything we post will be merged to a thread. I gave up asking for a time search. Ive contacted wyze support numerous amounts of times asking for a time search. Ive came to the conclusion that they dont care. You’re just wasting your time asking or wishing for it.

Wyze Customer Support can’t do anything about features that don’t exist. They aren’t the developers who write the code. They can only help with the features that do exist. This thread is where that feature is requested. If more users demanded it, Wyze would look into it. The forum has over 122,000 users, others on the Discord, Facebook, and Reddit platforms… Yet only 51 votes. If I could snap my fingers and make it happen, I would. But, I am not entitled to that power.

Everything you post won’t be merged to a thread… If you post it in the appropriate thread to begin with. There are A LOT of new threads every day. I read every one of them. I also read every new post that appears in the Latest list for the last 24 hours. The system is in place for a purpose and it works.

Just because they aren’t implementing requests that you have made or voted for doesn’t mean that they aren’t working on implementing wishlist requests that others have requested and voted for. They don’t have a Google or Amazon Army of programmers and developers that can crank out code to every single request. Want proof they have been granting wishlist requests? Look for yourself:

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How is this not a thing? I didn’t realise until just now when I wanted to look for a specific time and date. This is utterly ridiculous - and the most basic function of the cheapest cameras you can get on the market. How are they not implementing this extremely simple feature??

I think this is the point where it’s worth writing a product review (or updating your previously written review) on amazon/homedepot/etc pointing out the deficiencies so that buyers are informed.

Because they dont care

Go to the android market or where ever you downloaded the app and leave a low star review and why it received the review. Maybe that will get their attention because obviously this is not the way

The “find” feature -available in software apps since the 80’s.Not in the wyze camera app though.
If anyone reading these posts is a developer…is source code required or can a third party create “hooks” into their app?
Or maybe develop an open source app to do this?
We need not just a simple search date/time tool but also a way to view a video sequence with accurate timelines on a windows/mac pc.
Why is it not possible to simply cut and paste a timeframe and save that snippet to send to another party?
Also, files created by wyze app are often not accurately date/time stamped on the sd card.
…Just great when you’re doing a criminal investigation…

Display list Event Hours per Date, so the user can click on a Time Slot to load it’s Events

When a full day of Events have been accumulated, it’s tedious to get to the Events Hours/Times earlier in the day.

Recommend to list All 24 Hours per Date that allows the user to click on that Time Slot to download and display the Events/Videos to collected/created in that time slot.

Honestly, we would be happy with anything that allows searching in the stored videos to be easier.

Why didn’t they incorporate that into the app from the beginning :woman_shrugging:t5:? Was/is it really that hard to write the code?

But it seems after all these years, it’s just a dream and a huge wish on our part.