Ethernet connection to V3 cam?

Can’t imagine how it would be the adapter. It would be interesting to see what happens if you switch back to wi-fi mode. May be a question for the GitHub discussion unless you’ve already posed it there.

Not sure either. Kind of strange. You’d think that it would be better if anything. It’s up in a tree and out of WiFi range so not an easy one to switch. The others that I have running mini-hacks and WiFi are fine. Right on time.

Yeah, should post over there too to see if any ideas.

Can someone give me a summary of the best way to get Ethernet internet connection to the Wyze v3? I’ve read the uctronics adapter is inconsistent, just looking for the best possible way to do this.

Go here.

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I have four of the Uctronics adapters in use on V3 cameras and they are working quite well. As @pogesmit knows, there was a manufacturing problem with some of them (no MAC assigned) which has been corrected by the manufacturer and for which the company created a Windows software program which allows you to correct the problem should you happen to get one missing the MAC.

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Ah ok. Thank you!

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