Error Creating New Account

When I try to create a new account I get “We’re sorry, an unknown error occurred. Please try again and contact customer support if this continues. Request ID (followed by a long string of alphanumeric characters).” I have tried clearing browser history, I’ve tried four different browsers, and I’ve tried two different email addresses. This occurs after I receive the verification email and click on the link in it to go back out to Wyze and set up my password. Anyone? Thanks.

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Have you contacted Customer Support?

(206) 339-9646

Live Chat

I did put in a service ticket yesterday on Have not heard back from anyone.

If you haven’t yet set up two factor authentication, they should be able to verify the account email and get a temp password for you. I’m not familiar with how the new account setup flow goes these days as mine is quite old before they ever started two factor authentication.