Error Code: No fragment

For that past few weeks I keep getting this error message when I’m viewing my camera events. It happens about 3 or 4 times a day. This is the message I get:

Error Code: No fragment. Please contact support if this persists.

I’m using the latest beta software and firmware on Android 10… Pixel 3aXL… Wyzecam V2


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Have you contacted Support? Here is the ticket system link.. I am guessing the Devs will want app logs from the error.

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Thanks… I’m going to now… I wanted to see if anyone else had the issues first

If you search the beta forum for “no fragment” there are a few posts on it, nothing to recent.

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Yeah I did see those… They seemed to fix in their own according to the last one I saw. Mine has been happening for at least 3 weeks on and off. It seemed to happen around the time I changed my SD card settings from record events only to continuous recording, but the CMC events are failing not the SD card… They play fine

From what I gather in the beta section is that it’s CMC related, and possibly due to system slowdown due to the added cmc stuff and things.

I did flag this thread for mods to move it to the beta section as well. FYI


Thanks I appreciate that… that makes sense. I did switch it back to events only last week… It was still doing it. Yeah I meant to post this in the beta section… oops lol

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Jumping in – if anyone does see this behavior occurring again, please let me know. This was a cloud issue which should be resolved and we want to hunt down any persisting issues as quickly as possible!


Hi… Since the updated firmware I’ve gotten it twice, so it’s been so much better… Do you want me to send logs if it happens again?

@NumberOne it seemed better for a couple of days but now I’m getting it again… About 3 or 4 a day. Do you need me to send logs?

@NumberOne I just had this issue happen a few hours ago

Yes please, logs would be very helpful!

Same request – please send us logs so we can check why this is happening!

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@NumberOne Sent (22593), I wonder if it is related to the TCP handshake issue ive experienced. The cam when in CMC mode doesn’t seem to send ACK packets to a request from the router to close the TCP state, leaving them in a Fin_Wait_2 state, so without sloppy states enabled (most consumer routers do enable by default) the connection gets hung unless you have TCP state timeouts set. I sent to support this issue a while ago, no one ever replied.

@WyzeKyle I just submitted logs for you.

Thank you!

You rock! Thank you!

I’m still getting error code no fragment on alot of CMC events.

I’ve been getting the error code: no fragment on various cameras at various times. They were quite stable last month. Now its a common occurance. If I keep trying to get it to play, it eventually does.

I just had the same “Error Code: No fragment. Please contact support if this persists.” While attempting to view from cloud motion notification.

I’m getting the error today.

I left beta, uninstalled app, reinstalled , still getting this error every other video. I have updated software as well. I have unplugged and plugged back in. Not using sd cards, wifi only using sd speed, HD does not work well and never has. I have 2 cams and error is on both. One v2 cam, one pan cam.