ERRORS: No Fragment. Failed to Upload Event

I’ve been getting the NO FRAGMENT and FAILED TO UPLOAD EVENT errors when trying to view an event for awhile now and have been reading the posts about this hoping to find an answer. It is getting really old now to have to try 5+ times just to view 1 event - Click an event, receive error, go back, Click an event, receive error, go back, over and over. I have 100s of events to view.

As mentioned before this is a Cam Plus camera. I see this issue goes back to October 2019. Hand in hand with this error I also get FAILED TO UPLOAD EVENT. PLEASE CHECK YOUR WIFI CONNECTION.


Take a look at this thread for submitting a log to @NumberOne about your issue.

Error Code: No fragment - #34 by SpeedingCheetah

I mentioned this to @NumberOne as he requested and submitted several tickets over the last 2 months with zero response. I assume they don’t know how to fix it so I’ve given up.
Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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I looked at it but it doesn’t specifically say how to submit logs and I do not see the option in the app to do so. If it is a purely cloud service-related error than I shouldn’t have to submit logs since it all happens in the cloud after they should be able to see their own server logs and not on the physical camera which I could not access because it’s located at my parent’s home over a 100 mi away from me.

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They have been asking for logs on it, to submit a log in the app go to account in the lower right, then help and feedback, submit a log at the very bottom

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I have just submitting mine about this error in the other thread.

We can’t do more. If that can help them find the solution, so much the better. I decided to do this today even though it has been several weeks since this intermittent problem has been occurring. As long as showing others how to do it, I might as well submit a log too. The perfect timings :slightly_smiling_face:


You are a scholar and a gentleman sir! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok I submitted the log under EVENTs. I am not in Beta.
Android App v2.12.35

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No matter for the beta. You don’t have given your ticket number to this thread to make sure it is brought to the attention of @NumberOne

Too nice, sir! Thank you☺️

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My Log ID is 37007 @NumberOne

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Ah. That’s buried quite a ways.

However discovered a second problem…

Once I fill out the description and click submit the app immediately crashes.

I can only assume it’s an Android 11 beta problem with the app? As there’s a completely new storage permission and access system in. and third-party apps are not allowed to access system files which is where perhaps the logs are kept?

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Sorry I can’t be helpful with that one. I’m on iOS and have not many skills with android. On the other side, it would be nice to report your issue to @NumberOne . He will probably ask you for more informations if he doesn’t know about this problem. We’ll see. :slightly_smiling_face:

I emphatically agree with and endorse this statement.

It wouldn’t get grouped with the beta issues, but it’s valuable to have logs to examine so we can address both versions’ problem! Thank you for sharing the log number here and in the other thread :slight_smile:

Well… shucks. I’d use stronger language, but there’s a gentleman and a scholar in this thread. Gotta keep it clean :stuck_out_tongue:

All jokes aside, I’m really sorry to hear about the app crashing while trying to report the issue.

Have you disabled or tweaked any of the permissions during or after setup (in your phone’s App Settings)? If you try again, is the behavior reproducible?

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I assume its an Android 11 compatibility issue that WYZE has not fixed yet.
I have not touched any of the settings for app permissions.
It loads fine on my old phone with Android 9 on it.
But I have not gotten that error on that device.
It only happens to one or 2 clips every week or so.

It’s a continuing issue, had it with V2 and now WCO… Seems like it would be a fairly simple fix

This appears to be an issue with the cloud. I removed my license from the camera and it now plays my events… is this issue being resolved?

Which camera do you use and explain how you removed your license and from where??