Error code 90

Got my Wyzecam yesterday. Was pretty excited about it and have visited the live steam about 2-3 times from work today until I got -90? I did some searches and see it requires a power cycle? Is this the expectation that I will have to constantly reset this thing? I believe it just updated itself when I set it up for the first time.



Here’s the connectivity troubleshooting guide:

If that doesn’t solve it, keep in mind that this is primarily a user-to-user forum. If you don’t get help here from the community, file a support request including log files. That will ensure that the logs are captured. You might want to submit the ticket right away because there’s somewhat of a backlog. You can always let them know it’s already resolved when they contact you.


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There was one jump in firmware versions that caused that error for me, I believe it was the second to last update. Thankfully after a reboot and a long 10-15-minute wait it came back online. That was the first and only time I’ve had issues with a firmware update, but you probably don’t want to run a firmware update remotely unless you’re prepared to lose connectivity.

I’ve also seen the -90 error when I was having wireless signal strength issues. In my case it was more of an interference issue from a neighbor, but I’ve also had intermittent issues with one cam that’s pretty far from my router (on my shed). In that case adding another wireless access point in my shed resolved it.


Changing the wifi channel worked for me this morning. I’d had about twelve hours of intermittent connection and error 90’ing. The basic troubleshooting didn’t work. The new channel did. :crossed_fingers:

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Until it didn’t, hours later. :slight_smile:

Here’s what finally resolved my problem:

Removing and reinstalling the micro USB power plug into the socket on the back of the cam.

I did it three times for good measure (“exercising” a plug/ socket combo costs nothing and can improve power connection quality if any flakiness from corrosion has occurred. Especially applies if you’re using a cam in “outlaw” mode (the cam is not Wyze approved/supported for outdoor use.)

I’m pretty confident this conclusion is correct because as soon as I physically grabbed the cam and held it in my hand a few feet from its mounting point, it was Happy Jack - strong and stable as the day is long.

Background: Cam is

  • outdoors in a mild climate, second floor, under an eave - for four months with no connectivity problems.

  • Has an SD card installed - approved size and duty rating. While I was there, I also “exercised” the SD card in its socket three times. Later, back in the easy chair, I reformatted the card via the in-app utility.

Coda: In the future, this is the first * second thing I will do if connectivity problems crop up. Even if it’s inconvenient to ladder-up, it’s far preferable to richarding around with arcane app and router settings for, um, hours, that often SEEM to fix something (because the problem is intermittent) but ultimately deposit you back into the same tech morale dump whence you started.)

Basic physical reality still matters! Everything else is built on-top of it.

* The first thing will be coming to these forums to see if known connectivity issues are being reported. Best to pour yourself a Jack’n’Coke and bask in some natural light for a couple of hours after initial discovery - after all, you could be the first one stung by a server outage, etc, ergo no reports will be on the forum yet. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Extra credit:

Literally LOL’d. Clicking its link will lead you to the thread content that provoked it. :wink:

[2 days later]

More intermittency…

When you do a factory reset, is the camera re-registered to (potentially) a different server (or pool) for authentication activities?

If not, what precisely does a factory reset reset?


A couple of threads with worthy tips:

Turns out sage advice for a rapidly accelerating future is to update your equipment more often:

Ive read through this entire thread. In my experience all connectivity issues no matter the code are all Wifi related.
Things to check:
Wifi too far away
Wifi channel overlap
Wifi router inferior brand (there are more of these than you might think)
Wifi goes through too many walls.
Wifi goes through walls with metal studs.

I use Wifi Analyzer to check wifi strength and channel overlap. But there are many tools you could use for this purpose. If you have never used an app like this then i guarantee you have Wifi issues. Especially if you have close neighbors like an apartment or in a big city.

As for a bad power jack or cable like peepeep describes you would also hear the camera clicking as it boots up and goes on line. This click only happens once during boot up so if its continuous then the cable or the jack may be the issue.

Could someone explain “outlaw” mode. Never hear of it and no search on the internet comes up with any mention of it other than this post.

Hi WIot

Just referring to use of the cam outdoors:

Here is my experience so far: I had one wyze camera for 2 years. Never had a problem. Then I bought one Neos camera (literally same hardware), because Wyze was really hard to be found in Europe. 1 piece Wyze and 1 piece Neos, were working both fine, no error whatsoever. Then I bought my second Neos, and the famous error 90 started to affect both Neos cameras. The one Wyze camera I had continued to work flawlessly. So I said, Neos sucks and I ordered two Wyze cameras from US. Guess what? The newly ordered cameras started to show error 90 from the very first day. The old one, still no problem. Even more confusing, the old wyze camera, the one that didn’t show any problems, it is really far from the router, compared with the others.

So what do I think now? I think when you have more than one camera, they issues appear. Whether it is because they’re competing for resources, i don’t know. I’m still puzzled why one wyze and one neos worked great on the same network, but 2 neos did not…

I had this problem. After flashing the latest firmware. Went one lower everytime. Got tired and flashed the oldest firmware still downloadable. It worked. Might try slowly flashing going up but honestly as long as it works I might just keep the oldest firmware. I assume my wyze hardware is an older version (Wyzev2 but physically produced older). Hope this helps.

I recently got the Wyze outdoor cam and it’s been the moodiest camera I have. The Pan is fine, one of the older regular ones is fine, the outdoor constantly has weird issues. This concerns me because…it’s hard to feel secure when your security camera isn’t reliable.

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This can be tricky, I tried to fix it, took me quite some time to do. This article may help you How To Fix Wyze Error Code 90 - Here’s How To Fix It Usually it happens because of bad internet, but my problem was firmware weird. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

None of that worked for me. I tried it except for the replacing my router and replacing my ISP and it still didn’t work. Plus the link says some incorrect stuff like if the light is blinking blue you’ll be able to connect to the camera. Incorrect - my light is blinking blue, my internet is working fine with all the other devices and I still can’t connect to the camera.

I’m having troubles with one of my v3’s after this latest beta firmware( I keep having connection problems and error 90(disconnected) about every 24 hours. I am wondering if its some kind of firmware problem. What happened with your problem?

For, me I have to go through a complete setup every day. I’m about to return the camera to Microcenter because it’s so unreliable. My next though is to change my router setting from doing an “Auto” channel selection to a fixed channel number. I’m wondering if the router deciding on its own to change to a different channel because it’s less noisy confuses the camera which isn’t smart enough to know how to siwtch to a different channel if it changes since it was last set up. I have no idea if the channel changing is a problem - it’s just the latest straw I’m grasping.

That’s definitely a weird problem. Must be a bad camera. Mine is just intermittent, it’s been fine for a long time, it just started this in the past week.