Error Code 13?

Error Code 13??

Cameras have been working great but recently they won’t go past step 3/3 - they eventually time out and throw error code 13. Can’t seem to find anything on here about that code number.

Both cameras have static IPs. I’ve power cycled them remotely (it’s my cottage so not there all the time) but no luck. Oddly enough it’s still logging events that I’m able to see so there’s that.

Anyone experience this?

I don’t see a specific “13” code but then it should fall into the “all other codes” according to this page.

Try force close the app and power cycle the camera.

Thanks for the tip. I tried ir and it worked the few times I checked last night.

This morning, we’re back to error code 13!

Nothing on my Cottage network has changed. My home camera kicks in right away but my cottage cams have reverted to this error state. They’ve worked error free for almost 2 years.

Can you remote restart your Cottage WiFi?

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Can’t right now as we have guests using it. I’ll try when I’m up there on the weekend and report back.

Do the Guests have access to the WIFI? Are you able to remote into the router and see its usage? Can you soft restart it via software remotely? I wonder if the Guests are streaming 4k netflix or something (example) that is sucking the bandwidth.

I actually noticed the problem just before their arrival when it was empty. I did reboot the router prior to their arrival but that didn’t fix things.

I’ve checked the router connection and it’s good. Both cameras are showing as ‘idle’ according to the router but the IP reservation is still there. Other devices seem to be connected as well as the guest devices.

Seems the problem is intermittent. I was there this weekend and had no issues on site with accessing the camera via wifi so I guess it’s my ISP. Just strange that this only started being problematic with the new app version but maybe it’s just me.

I’ve had the same problem at my cabin. WiFi is fine but the cameras usually don’t connect. One camera is a lot worse. I do get alerts however. But this issue largely eliminates the benefit of having a camera in the first place.

Question. Did your cameras get wet? I think my issue happened after a freak rain storm when it was literally raining sideways and the Roof overhang that usually protected them actually got wet. A few days later we had a heat wave and it seems they dried out and I’m able to connect much quicker and the error 13 hasn’t been happening

No, they didn’t get wet. They are inside, pointing out of windows. I’ll double check in a few days when I’m up there again. I’m planning on plugging them into wemo plugs so that I can cycle them remotely.

I am having the same issue at my cottage for the past few weeks. I have 5 v1 cams all having the same issue. I am going to take a V2 cam up to try this week to see If that makes any difference. I also contacted support and have some diagnostics I will collect for them once I am at the cottage.

I might actually downgrade from the last firmware update. That was one of the suggestions from their support. Problem is I have to be onsite which I won’t be for a few weeks due to rentals.

I think I may have found the issue. This was happening on V1 Cameras for me. Also, on the rare occasion I could connect it would take 3-4 seconds to refresh the frame on the video. From other posts (Frame rate dropped to 1/3fps) I found that even though the firmware stated it was up to date, it was not. All my V1 Cams state they are up to date with Firmware The latest is I had to follow the instructions here to update the firm ware - (It wasn’t working first - I had to delete all other files from the SD and rename the file as it mentions to FIRMWARE_660R_F.BIN) This has fixed the video issue at least but I have to monitor to see if it fixes the connection error 13.

It just started happening to my two V2’s, and not solution in sight.

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I’m getting error code 13 at my house frequently and the cameras all have great range to the hub and have pretty fast internet. Using it for security system

I did have better luck after reducing the video resolution to SD, at the suggestion of somebody else in this forum. Might be worth trying…

I am also getting a lot of Error Code 13 recently (past 3 months) with 6 out of my 8 Wyze camera ranging from v2, v3 and Pan cam. This is frustrating because I have a fast WIFI and good range for all my camera, 300Mbps+ for each when I do speed test on location.

anyone has any fix yet? Support isn’t helping. I have tried reset to factory default, repair, then works for a while and back to error. I have tried reinstalling my Wyze app on my iOS device to no avail.

Sorry, I don’t have any better advice. I rarely get the dreaded error now, but I sure did prior to reducing the video resolution. I’m not convinced that was the culprit, more likely dumb luck on my part. Hope you can resolve this!

Downshifting to SD permanently has made the 13 error a rare event for me too. Used to be a multiple occurrence daily but no more …