All cameras offline as of 5 am EST, service outage?

I am experiencing error code 90 on all my cameras. I am 8.5 hours away from home and have remotely checked my modem and everything looks good. Anyone else having issues?

My 4 cameras are all fine.

If they’re all offline but your modem is fine, then it’s probably WiFi-related (assuming your WiFi router is a separate device from your modem). The -90 error code is usually a generic connection failure, and in my experience the cameras eventually reconnect by themselves once WiFi is working again.

Do you have any way to verify that WiFi is working too?


When I lose connection overnight I usually only need to quit and reload the app to regain connections. Only once on 1 camera so far did I need to reset power to the camera.

I’ve quit the app, cleared the cache on the app and even restarted my phone…nothing.

I can verify my cameras have been working all day.

Are you attempting to connect over the phone network, or a local WiFi? Both can create problems – if a cell phone connection is too slow (should be rare), and if the local WiFi is very slow, or doing port filtering or the like.

I’ve tried connecting with my phone’s internet and two different wifi connections. Still nothing.

Sounds like something may have happened at your home. Since it is all your cameras but you can ping your modem it probably isn’t a power failure. It may be a router issue like @thequietman44 mentioned.


You might want to consider installing smart plugs for each of the cameras, and this would allow you to power cycle your cameras when you’re away from home.

Had neighbor go in a cycle my router. That still didn’t work. sigh

Maybe while they are in there they can cycle power to each of your cameras and your modem (modem/router minutes before cameras). Heck, if they can get on a computer and verify a connection to the Internet, that’s be great.

Except, if the wifi is down, the smart plug is sort of just as useless.

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Very true. It could be the ISP experiencing issues and might not be at the home at all. I experienced this a few weeks ago when the phone company was working on the lines.


They have all come back online now! Each one came back online separately about 30 mins apart. So, perhaps it was something with my internet provider…


Awesome! :+1: