Lost communications with 2 out of 3 cameras - error code 90

I have 3 cameras installed 2 hours away and lost communications with 2 of the 3. One has an SD card and the other doesn’t. Display in the app shows Offline Device Info shows 2 cameras Not connected under Wi-Fi signal strength.

I’ve rebooted my phone, cleared the cache, and tried everything I can think of remotely. Not looking good. I suspect I will need to make a 4 hour round trip to reboot the cameras and router to see if that helps?

Very odd that one camera, very close in location to another camera is still working fine. ???

Any other suggestions?


Same thing happened to me right after adding new product, (Pan). Solid yellow and nothing is happening. Same error code as well.

Interesting. Never had this happen before and I have more cameras. Seems odd my 2 cameras would have a hardware issue at the same time. App issue?

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I have 3 cameras as well, the other 2 are working fine.

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Since I did not have access to the cameras I was unable to power off/on or reset the router but eventually the cameras came back online. No idea of the cause or the fix.