Error 90 Reset every couple of days!

My Wyze Cam v3 worked perfectly outside until the outside temperature hit into the 90’s. Now I get Error 90 almost all the time and power-cycling doesn’t always bring it back online. My other two v3’s and a v2 are inside and working perfectly. It seems my outside v3 can’t handle the Phoenix, AZ summer heat :frowning:.

They are rated to 113 degrees F, so anything you can do to keep them below that will help. Note the 113 degree spec is not ambient air; it is camera temp. So keep in shade, etc. An operating camera always adds a few degrees to ambient.

Thanks. This Wyze Cam v3 and its installation was a gift. I realized the 113 degrees was the cameras temp and not the ambient air temp once the camera started getting the Error 90’s and I checked the specs on-line. The camera is in shade, but this camera is not an outdoor camera for southern Arizona. There are many cameras that can handle this 110+ summer heat and I will need to purchase and install one of those. The Wyze Cam v3 is still a great “indoor” camera for Phoenix, AZ.

An update to my error 90 issue with one of my Wyze Cam v3 cameras. I thought the 110+ degree heat fried the camera. I brought the camera inside and had no power light. I won’t cover all the things I did as I did disassemble the camera, but one or more of the item(s) that corrected the issue (so far for several days anyway) are:

  1. Re-updating the firmware.
  2. Slightly crimping the micro USB socket, as when the power cable was touched, it caused the camera to get intermittent power. This most likely is why the camera initially got the error 90’s. Crimping the socket made a tight power connection.
  3. Replaced the USB Power Adaptor, as I believe the intermittent power issues, due to the loose USB socket caused the adaptor getting fried.

Now I have a slight focus issue with the camera… I’ll tackle that another day. The focus issue is most likely due to another item I tried… probably didn’t tighten all the screws enough when I reassembled the camera.