Error 90 means offline, but it's not?

I have a wyze floodlight with the v3 cam it came with… a few times a week (so far) it will give an error 90. Thankfully I have the circuit tied in with my porch light, so if I need to power cycle, I can just flip the porch light off for a few seconds then back on.
It’s been a bit frustrating to have to power cycle it so often and thought it will be just my luck something will happen, and my cam will be “offline” and I won’t have any recorded footage. So I was curious if it was --actually-- offline. I do have a memory stick in the cam, and recording continuously. After I power cycled the cam, I checked the recording from the time it was offline and expected to see a large blank space. Now unless I’m somehow mistaken, I was shocked to find it was still recording even though in the app it said it was offline with an error 90 message.

Does the error 90 mean only the --wifi-- is offline? If so, why doesn’t the software try and reconnect to the wifi after a given amount of time?

my new v3 PRO is now giving me a lot of error 90’s too btw.

I believe so.

As long as a V2 Wyze cam has an internet connection when it boots up, it will keep merrily recording to the SD card well after the internet connection has dropped - just as long as it has constant power.

People use this trick to run cams in their cars, and I have found it very useful when the internet is unexpectedly cut but a UPS keeps the cam going.

Have not personally tested this on a V3, but think it works the same way.

There seem to be a lot of comments about making sure you have a high grade USB cord, especially if long, and you must have a 2A cube to power it.

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That is exactly what it means. As long as the v3 has power going into it it will record to SD card if you have set it for continuous recording.

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I see! Most of the explanations I read simply said “camera is offline” and I assumed meant off completely (paper weight)

I have it plugged into my floodlight as the secondary cam. The cord I used is a wyze cord, but I think it might be from one of the v3’s and not the one that came with the v3 Pro. It looked shorter, but not sure it actually was. So I might try swapping it with the one that came with the Pro and see if that helps. But yeah, its doing error 90 every day now

I’m not sure about the floodlight as I don’t have one, but from what I understand the Pro doesn’t support any accessories. It needs to be plugged in into it’s own power cube as that one is rated at 10 Amps, twice more than the regular v3 or v2.

Not enough power can also cause the error 90.

v3 Pro power adapter is 2A.

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Ooooops, I was thinking that but typed 10 :rofl:

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Hmm. My understanding is that the v3 Pro wont work as the floodlight controller (the main cam above the PIR sensor,) But the secondary power source provided on the floodlight should be sufficient. I have another floodlight installed on the other side of the house with the same setup and it has been working OK. So I’m thinking maybe the wifi in it is faulty?

Get the wyze switch , install it on the light switch that controls the junction box where the floodlight is installed

That way when the floodlight camera goes offline , you can turn off/ on the switch to reset the camera to get it back online all through the wyze app .

You can do this anywhere .

It’s a good idea, but I have the circuit (powering the floodlight) tied in with my porch light, so if I need to power cycle, I can just flip the porch light off for a few seconds then back on. Still though, even with that, this is now a daily occurrence. I’m having to power cycle it multiple times a day.

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Hmm strange .

What’s the camera signal strength ?

Is it far away from the router ? Depending on how high it is placed and how many walls from the router to the floodlight could also come into play , as walls reduce the signal strength.

Last time I checked, it was 2 of 3 bars. The v3 a few inches from it, is usually 3 bars sometimes 2.
The router is pretty far from it… opposite ends of the house from each other, but like I mentioned, the v3 seems to have much better connectivity than the Pro

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Update: I went ahead and swapped the usb cable for the one that came with the v3 Pro and so far the connectivity seems be a little better. Odd, because the first one was still a wyze cable, but from one of the older cams.
I can’t check it anymore, because I had to pull the entire floodlight down for siding work. But hopefully in another week or so I will have it back up for further testing.

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