Entry Delay Risk

When considering the proper entry delay it occurred to me that a long delay creates a certain risk. If, during the delay, an intruder can find and destroy (not merely unplug) the hub, it will not be possible for the system to contact the monitoring service. The same would be true if the intruder destroyed the Internet link or the hub’s connection to the local network. These risks would be aggravated if the locations of the critical components were easy for an intruder to determine.

So, the entry delay should not be set to a value longer than necessary. And, the locations of critical infrastructure components should be concealed so they cannot be rapidly found and disabled.

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For what it is worth, Wyze recently instituted this cool new feature:

So now, even if someone destroys the hub, you get alerted it went offline, AND hopefully Wyze will soon integrate that into Noonlight’s monitoring as “Communication Loss Monitoring” so that they treat an offline status the same as an Alarm going off. I will certainly be pushing for that integration!

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Great suggestions. One additional security measure to employ, in addition to a short entry delay, is to set it for a silent entry delay so that the system does not announce it’s intention or location of components.

From what I recall, once the countdown starts, Noonlight is alerted even if the hub is destroyed.

From an old post:
Even further, as we have dual-countdown mechanism, after someone triggers a sensor, even if the hub is also destroyed, you and the monitoring center will still be notified of the alarm.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that! Thanks for bringing it up. :+1:

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Awesome post @WildBill! :+1: Adding that to my memory bank. I had not previously read that page.

It makes sense though. I have read posts of users disarming the alarm locally at the last possible second before the siren sounds but still getting an alarm SMS and call from Noonlight because the disarm status hadn’t made it to Noonlight before the expiration of the entry delay.

I would hope it’s not handled the Same as an Alarm, just think of the headaches that would cause if a large area had an internet outage and everyone with Wyze HMS has an alarm, worst yet law enforcement is dispatched.

I mean that the Monitoring company will send a text and phone call to verify.

I would hope that it’s rare that a person misses both the text and phone call on their personal device and the alternate number (spouse or whomever).

Communication loss monitoring is one of the 6 items that home insurances want in an alarm company and give g discounts for.

I would assume it would be handled similarly to the other hazard remediation monitoring stuff including text and phone call. Hopefully there will be setting options for it.

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The offline notification is only an app push, I think, not a Noonlight thing. If the hub is offline, I wouldn’t think Noonlight would dispatch the police since it isn’t any indication of an intrusion, per se.

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Yes, this is currently how it functions. I am hoping that Wyze will add the option for us to allow Noonlight to be notified of “Communication Loss” in the future though, since Home Insurances will give a big a discount on the Security system if “Communication” loss is monitored by the Monitoring centered. But I agree that I think they’d treat it more like they do with Leak and Freeze monitoring (ie: Contact YOU for confirmation), and not immediately dispatch law enforcement.

I suppose they still could if your instructions tell them to do so if they don’t get ahold of you during communication loss. Seems it would be up to the owner to give instructions on how to handle situations. I have specific instructions for Noonlight in my Dispatch Instructions notes.

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WildBill, thanks for that rather obscure but crucial bit of information. I’m old enough to long for the days when IBM provided a bookshelf of manuals that seemed to explain everything one might ever need to know.

Regarding the dual countdown, I had begun considering similar possibilities but somehow convinced myself that they raised insurmountable problems and so were not feasible. Time for my 70,000-mile brain adjustment, it seems!

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